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Junior Sailing Camp

Tacking manoeuvres


Dockside preparations

This is a opportunity for kids and teenagers between the ages of ten and eighteen years of age to  have a great summer of fun and learning experience while enjoying their days on the water.

Your Community’s Sailing Camp is sponsored by the Prince Edward Yacht Club in Picton and  has been in operation for over 40 years. The County is an ideal location for new sailors due to its well protected waters and gentle wave action. The sailing camp is located at the Waupoos Marina snuggled in Smith’s bay behind the picturesque Waupoos Island. We are very grateful for the cooperation of the Waupoos Marina and their staff for providing an ideal and spacious setting for instruction and on the water activities.


On the wind

Learning to sail is a “life” skill that enables students to participate in the art of sailing throughout their life advancing to instruct others, crewing in sail boat races, owning their own boats or cruising boats in far off places! The Prince Edward Yacht Club also has an active club racing program that provides opportunities for students to crew on racing sailboats. Our volunteers work hard to ensure a successful sailing season.

This summer the Camps run in July weeks beginning 2, 09, 16, 23, & 30, 2018 and August  6th.  All our Instructors are Sail Canada (former  CYA)  trained and certified, and are well versed in Safety and First Aid. While many of our students come from the County of Prince Edward, students from other Provinces and Countries have attended our camp. Grandparents find that a gift of a Sailing Camp week is a wonderful way to entertain their grand kids while they are visiting for the summer. With the emphasis on safety and having fun young sailors will learn basic boat handling and sailing skills, safety on the water, knot tying, basic terminology and rigging techniques.


The new Topper


righting the boat

We recently upgraded our sailing fleet with 420’s and new Topper Topaz Unos. The latter are ideal dinghies for Sail Camp in that they are easy to handle and robust; they will take the punishment sometimes handed out by enthusiastic kids.

Sail Canada recently upgraded their sailing programs and the new CANSail program is designed to have the students learn in a set of progressive skill sets establishing a solid set of core skills before moving to the more advanced and complex skills. CANSail 1 & 2 – Fundamental skill acquisition in any type of boat (single / double handed). CANSail3 & 4 – Applied skill acquisition in any type of boat (single / double handed). CANSail 5 & 6 – Applied skill consolidation in any type of boat (single / double handed). Chutes & Wires – Specialized double handed performance skill consolidation. More information can be viewed at the Sail Canada website ,  CANSail Introduced on YouTube   and
Thanks to Jen Braem &The Royal Victoria Yacht Club


Onshore instruction


Heading out



Spinnaker practice



Competition winners






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We have a completely new team of instructors this year. Addie, Jackson and Andrew who have done a tremendous job over three seasons have moved on to other things. We are delighted that Sraah Young, Jack de Cartier and Nathaniel Darcel-Sinclair who have all progressed through CANSAIL levels at the camp and subsequently acted as volunteers will form the team. Nathaniel already has his instructor qualifications, Sarah and Jack are well on the way to achieving their qualifications.


Please contact the camp director, John Uings , at 613.471.1882 ( ) or PEYC 613.476.5585 ( ) if you have any queries.




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