A Message from the Commodore and the Board of Directors

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Boat Yard Access, Launch Date, Municipal Docks


COVID-19 #9


The launch date of Friday, June 5th has been booked and baring in unforeseen changes in the Provincial Orders launch will proceed starting at 0800 hours. Launch guidelines are contained in this information bulletin.

The Provinces official announcement was that clubs may open effective Saturday, May 16th, with the caveat “only if you are ready”. The board is attempting to provide an environment to ensure the safety of our membership during our launch while preventing the spread of the virus.

The Clubhouse will remain closed. The Club washrooms will be open to club members. We would appreciate if we could keep it limited to the boaters for the time being. Only boaters accompanied by immediate family are allowed on the docks in accordance with existing Provincial orders. No guests are allowed at this time. As the clubhouse is not staffed members using the facilities will be responsible for the cleanliness of the washrooms and must follow the posted rules in the foyer for the use of the washrooms. Physical distancing and gatherings of no more that five person are still in affect. The code for the front door has been changed and is posted on the members only section on the PEYC website. Your cooperation is imperative if we are to continue to provide washroom access.

For those boaters who are contemplating living aboard there are no showers available.

Note: Physical distancing is in affect and no guests allowed. Responsibility for adherence to Boatyard Guidelines is the sole responsibility of each individual boat owner including that of their assistants.

Reciprocals / Visitors:

With our limited facilities and the restrictions associated with the Provincial orders the club will not be accepting boaters who would normally enjoy reciprocals and other visiting boats. The exception would be boaters experiencing mechanical problems or an emergency.

In my discussions with Tanya Delany, Environmental Services & Sustainability, the municipality has not yet set a date for the opening of the Municipal facilities (Fuel & pump out). Discussions are ongoing and a report to council is forthcoming. We have been working in cooperation with the Municipality in developing our guidelines. For those who would like more information. link:

PEYC Launch Guidelines June 5th @ 0800H

Whether on the day of launch, or before, members should raise any health and Safety concerns to:

a Club Director

the PEYC Health and safety Officer – Ted Mattinson.

This will help ensure that PEYC has taken all reasonable precautions.

Members working/volunteering in or outside of the club, need to consider how they can work safely and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The symptoms are like many other illnesses, including the cold and flu. At this time, it is recommended that any member who has any symptoms related to cold, flu or COVID-19 should be sent home.

In addition, PEYC advises these members to complete the online self-assessment or call either: • Telehealth: 1-866-797-0000 • Their primary health care provider (for example, family physician)

A Launch Safety briefing will be issued as a written set of guidelines along with an oral briefing with Q&A prior to work beginning.

As you know, the club-house remains closed while the washrooms are open with guidelines. For launch day, an enhanced sanitizing of the washrooms will be implemented.

The washroom will be sanitized periodically by a volunteer.

Hand sanitizer will be available for use prior to using the club-house door and upon leaving.

Members are required to comply with public health guidelines in respect of hand washing and disinfectant procedure. Micro-ban spray will be available for spraying faucets, flush handles and door handles after use.

The number of members accessing the washroom at one time will be limited to 1 (one). Physical distancing will be required; members must not gather in the foyer or on the decks.

Trailer Boats:

Trailer boats are encouraged to ramp launch this year to reduce the strain on our smaller launch crews. If you have a trailer boat that needs to launch using Napanee Crane on our club’s launch day, you must register in advance.

The registration deadline including payment for launch is Monday June 1.

Only FULL MEMBERS will be eligible to participate in the club launch for 2020, due to our restricted abilities during the pandemic.

The Launch Day Plan:

There are 18 boats to launch from cradles this year, plus a currently unknown number of trailer boats. You may be contacted to discuss your ability to perform a launch day activity. If you accept that responsibility but before launch are compelled for whatever reason to self-isolate, please inform us promptly so that crews can be adjusted. To that effect, I will be asking some members to be available that day, in reserve in case someone else has to drop out. If

you are a boat owner not working Launch, and are self-isolating during Launch, you must delegate the Launch of your boat to a colleague, and you must inform us immediately. This is critical, inasmuch as Launch is an All or None event. We cannot afford the safety risk of boats being craned over other boats because Owners do not show up. All boats must be launched unless they are being sold or removed from the premises.

If you are planning to remove your boat from the premises by land (truck), it is just as critical that we be informed promptly, more or less to ensure that we do not launch your boat, and so we know to prepare it on wooden blocks supplied by you for removal by hydraulic trailer. The launch charge will still apply. I can be reached at

All of our launch and pre-launch activities have been examined to determine how we can best carry them out safely, and respect social distancing guidelines. You will appreciate that this will require an effort by all those present. There will be a briefing to crews before their shift begins and mini updates may be required periodically as we see “what is working” and what is not.

Amongst other things:

In order to minimize numbers, work parties will be reduced to “by-invitation” crews. Participants are expected to monitor their personal state of health prior to arriving, and to forego participating if any adverse symptoms are observed. Participants are expected, and will be directed and supervised, to maximize the distance from each other, with the target being 1 fathom, where possible. Members, particularly those with experience in work parties, are welcome to volunteer, however they will need confirmation from me that they are selected for the work party. Regarding work assignments, I have the notes and details from previous launches and will be sifting through to make what I believe will be appropriate requests to members based on previous launches and experience.

I will send the assignment sheet to boat owners by Tuesday June 2nd and if you feel you are not able to perform the assigned task you should let me know asap.

Crew lists will be posted, but unlike prior years, it will be our goal to implement a “noon” shift change. We will be seeking to reduce the number of boat owners present at the club, on our grounds, at any given time by providing the best time-estimates possible.

Owners designated as 1st shift are asked to leave the yard (you can stay on your boat) when their shift has concluded. Owners on the 2nd shift are asked to stay out of the yard until the shift change horn is blown. Lunch & Coffee will NOT be provided in an effort to prevent transmission of virusbetween members handling food and dispensers.

The 1st shift will be free to leave for lunch at the end of their shift and the 2nd shift should eat an early lunch and be ready to go when their shift begins.

An estimated shift change time will be included with the notice of work assignments, which will be sent by blast, as well as individual email/phone, by Tuesday June 2.

Helmets will be inspected, and disinfected prior to Launch, and we will be setting up a helmet sanitizing station so that loaners can be disinfected prior to being re-issued to the2ndshift if necessary.

All persons within the launch areas or handling boats are required to wear safety boots, helmets, gloves, and are encouraged to wear safety vests. Helmets can be borrowed from PEYC, however, given the concerns in respect of Covid-19, members who own this equipment are encouraged to use it.

All those on site for launch whether on the volunteer crews or boat owners collecting their boat following launch are to bring either a cotton or N95 type mask for use when physical distancing may not be possible.

Members who have comments and observations in respect of launch procedures are welcome to email me. Suggestions for improvement, including improvement to safety procedures, are welcome.

Please remember that vehicle access is restricted during launch and haul-out. Parking on Hill street on the Friday may not be possible as construction has now started.

When the crane is on the property, vehicles must stay out of the way so it can maneuver as needed, and so trailer boats can be easily manoeuvred to the lift position next to the crane. Do not harass the “gate keeper” for access.

There will be a sign in station on the front deck. Please do not gather on either deck…always keep to the 1-Fathom Rule. (2m or 6ft)

Please do not bring spouses to the club grounds. The Club House will NOT be open at any point. Unfortunately there will not be any post-launch socializing.

Mast Crane:
Napanee Crane will not be raising any rigs this spring due to our limited crews. Use of the Club’s Mast Gin-Pole will not be permitted on launch day.

Mast crane activities and safety will be dealt with as a separate issue.

Yard & Dock Work-Parties:

Facilities work parties are important to reducing the cost of operating the club and by extension controlling our membership rates. In addition, pride of ownership by volunteers provides for better maintained facilities and equipment. Members gain work hours and learn about marine facility maintenance.

A yard work party will be necessary within a few days following the launch to pick up debris before rising flood water scatters everything.

To ensure that we minimize the density of persons, members can and should volunteer by email and will receive confirmation by the appropriate team leader.

Thank you for your patience and collaboration. Dave Lanning, Yacht Services Director

Additional Information: As we move forward physical distancing and measures to protect ourselves and others will remain a priority. Moria Coull, Vice Commodore, keeps us up to date on the latest posting from the Ontario Sailing Association which has posted a COVID-19 Public Health and Safety Measures for Sailing Clubs and Members. Link: I highly recommend that members click on this link.

Commodore, Gordon Fox

COVID-19- #8
An update to let you know what has been going on during our COVID-19 closure.
1) New tap installed for outside tap for water going to the docks.
2) New 220V line to glass washer completed. Relocated original plugin to meet code. Ordered new LED pot lights to replace lights over serving tables. Yet to order new WIFI Smart thermostats to enable remote monitoring of our heating and cooling systems.
3) Sump pump installed in sump well, operating independently on its float system. The sump pump has been able to keep up with incoming water and the basement is dry. Water levels are low and have been consistent for the last month for so.
4) Drywall repair on walls due to plumbing installations are underway.
5) Still negotiating with Quinte Conservation re: building up back lot. Application has been submitted. Waiting for more information from Drew Harrison.
6) Month of May safety checks for the club have been completed.
7) Municipal boat launches are open and the Municipal docks at the club will be connected.
8) Motor for mast crane has been upgraded and is being reinstalled.
9) Members have been very respectful of our boatyard guidelines and boat preparations continue.
10) The June 5th launch date is confirmed. Guidelines for launch will be posted.
11) Notification sent out that all boat owners in the yard that all boats will be launched due to yard upgrades.
12) Jon Wilkins installed flags on flagpole.

Thanks to:
Harry Veenstra, plumbing, Terry Shortt, electrical, Ted Mattinson, safety checks, Bobby Peat, Ted Mattinson and Dave Lanning for crane work and Wilky.

Thanks to all who have been working to keep up to date on such issues as monitor water levels, providing input on guidelines, attending calls and webinars by the Sailing Association, paying bills, monitoring the club phone calls and providing advice and suggestions as we continue to keep our membership informed and meet Provincial / Municipal guidelines.

Special Notice: For those who have not paid their 2020 docks fees they are now due and payable prior to the June 5th launch date. With the Yacht Club not being staffed, we would appreciate it if payments can be made via e-transfer, payable to the Prince Edward Yacht Club, or mail us a cheque.

As of today’s official announcement the club may open effective Saturday, May 16th, with the caveat “only if you are ready”. First and foremost we must be able to ensure the safety of our membership and prevent the spread of the virus. Physical distancing is still mandatory which puts restrictions on the clubhouse (bar services) and other club activities involving numbers exceeding five unrelated persons. For now the clubhouse will remain closed. We are working on a procedure to provide the necessary cleaning requirements to allow the opening of the washrooms. Although this is good news we must move forward in a cautious and controlled manner. 

Thanks to all for your cooperation and understanding as we continue to adapt to challenging and changing times. We will continue monitor the Provincial Emergency Orders and coordinate with our Municipal guidelines. As physical distancing remains mandatory into the foreseeable future, further guidelines and precautions requiring your participation will be expected.

Commodore, Gord Fox

COVID-19 #7.   Boat Preparation Guidelines 

As of May 4th the latest Provincial update is allowing marinas and boatyards to begin preparations for the recreational boating season. The Prince Edward boatyard will be open to only those boaters who have boats stored in the yard. Physical distancing must be adhered to. To ensure that we control the numbers and keep everyone safe the following procedures are being put in place.

These guidelines are being communicated to all members to ensure you that the Yacht Club is continuing to take all necessary precautions to insure the safety of our members and provide a safe boat preparation and launch.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Boat Preparation

All boat owners should ensure that they are familiar with all rules and guidelines prior to accessing the boatyard.

Follow HPEPH guidelines and DO NOT come to the boatyard if you are experiencing any of the following:

o A new or worsening cough, fever, difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, chest tightness, muscle aches, chills, fatigue, loss of smell or taste, sore throat, headaches, digestive issues (nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/stomach pain).
o Close contact with a case of COVID-19.
o Close contact with someone who is ill with respiratory symptoms and/or has travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days.

  • Everyone in the boatyard must always maintain physical distancing of 2 metres (unless working with a members of the same household).

o No guests are allowed in the community boatyard.
o No gathering in or around the boatyard, except with household members.
o Children should not be brought to boatyard
o No pets are allowed in the boatyard.

  • For your own personal protection. Wash hands with soap and water before and after handling equipment such as hoses or electrical cords. Water will be available but it is advised to bring your own soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer and sanitize hands regularly.

o Remember gloves are not a substitute for washing hands.
o Avoid touching your nose, mouth, eyes and face.

  • If personal mask use is chosen as an additional precaution:
    o Wash hands before putting personal mask on.
    o Personal masks must not be shared with others.
    o Masks and single-use gloves must be disposed of in a lined bin only. Bin will be supplied.

  • Bring your own tools and gloves. Tools are not to be left at the site and it is recommended that you clean and sanitize tools after use.

  • Place all trash in proper garbage receptacle or take garbage with you to dispose of at home.

  • Keep trips to and time spent at the boatyard to a minimum – plan ahead!

  • Adhere to the boatyard schedule and do not attend the boatyard when it is not your scheduled time.

Responsibility for adherence to Boatyard Guidelines is the sole responsibility of each individual boat owner including that of their assistants.

The following procedure is being adopted to schedule individual times for boaters to access their boats and to provide for physical distancing to ensure a safe environment for all.

PEYC Boat Prepping Schedule 2020.

Please review and comply with the following rotating schedule. It is our goal to limit the number of people in the yard to 5 at any given time, and have 1 unattended boat between each person working. You will be allowed access to the yard on an every-other day basis….half of owners on even numbered calendar days and the other half on the odd numbered days.

There are of course 18 boats in our yard which could mean that there could be a maximum of 9 people wanting to access their boats, but our hopes are that number will naturally be reduced as not all owners will be there during all of their allotted days, nor would they be there both morning and afternoon. If we find this system is not working to limit the number of owners in the yard to a safe level, further restrictions will follow. So please do the necessary work and then leave.

Please park in the south/front lot and use the laneway for pick up and dropping off supplies only.

Even Numbered Calendar Days Beginning May 4th.

Armour, Stanley, Coull, Barber, McNamara, Quaiff, Morris, Martel, Nichols

Odd Numbered Calendar Days Beginning May 5th.

Lanning, Johnson, Murray, Fox, Gilbert, McDonald, Uings, Loweth, Ross

We are well aware that there will be glitches in our procedures. We are asking for your patience and cooperation as we work our way through the process to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to prepare their boat for launch. With that in mind and to allow everyone sufficient preparation time we ask that only those preparations necessary to to launch the boat be carried out at this time.

COVID-19 #6


Municipal Docks and Launches remain closed:
The Municipal By-Law officers are actively monitoring compliance on a daily basis.

Prince Edward Yacht Club and Boat Yard remain closed:
All phone messages and emails are being monitored and will be answered in a timely manner. I have been checking the club and the boat yard while monitoring the water levels. Boat owners will be contacted if required.

PEYC – Boat Launch

Our launch dates have been cancelled with the Provincial Emergency Orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic in affect until May 12th. We are negotiating with Napanee Crane for a later date but again it will depend upon further updated Provincial Emergency orders and anticipated high water levels in the coming months. The February 15th dock deposit of $250 is expected to have been paid.
In case launch is delayed beyond mid-June, your Board is reviewing what appropriate refunds & discounts may be offered by PEYC for both those who have already paid their balances per the April 15th due date, and those who are waiting until the club-launch date.

Junior Sailing Camp:

The Junior Sail Camp has been cancelled for the 2020 season.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly affected all businesses and the way that we conduct our everyday practices making it very important that we all do what is necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I want to thank you “the membership” for your continued patience and cooperation as we do our part during these challenging times.
I also want to thank the Board for their tireless efforts by keeping informed and up to date on information from the Provincial Emergency orders, the Ontario Sailing Association + COAST, Municipal restriction to name a few. We are in constant contact, sharing information, making informed decisions in an ever changing landscape in our efforts to you the membership informed.

The next update will be available following the next Provincial Emergency Order – COVD-19 which is in affect until May 12th.

COVID-19 #5
Information – April15, 2020

Ministry Update: Provincial emergency order order extended for an additional 28 days until May 12th.

Municipal Update: Municipal boat launches closed due to COVID-19

The County of Prince Edward is closing all municipal boat launches, effective 11:59 pm on Tuesday, April 14, to discourage unnecessary recreational travel to the municipality during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

The launches will remain closed until Tuesday, May 12, which lines up with the 28-day extension of the provincial emergency declaration passed earlier today. The municipality will consider whether to lift the boat launch closure at that time.

County by-law enforcement will be monitoring the boat launches to ensure compliance with the closure.

First responders will continue to have access in order to launch their vessels.

All outdoor amenities in parks and recreational areas are closed in the municipality, as per the provincial order, which has been extended to May 12.

Up to date information on The County’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is posted on The County’s website: Information about flooding can be found on the County’s flood watch webpage

PEYC Boat Launch:
May 4th boat launch has been cancelled. Alternate dates are being reviewed and discussed with Napanee Crane as we now must also consider the challenges flood levels may present. The results of the Provincial emergency orders after May 12th will also factor into our decision making. We are reviewing dates between late May the 25th and early June the 13th. We will keep you updated.

Jr. Sail Program:
In consideration of the Provincial Emergency Measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prince Edward Yacht Club has cancelled the Jr. Sail Program located at the Waupoos Marina for the 2020 season.
Our main focus is for the safety and well being of the children, their families, the instructors, and the many volunteers involved with the programme.

COVID-19 #4
Information – April
12, 2020
Provincial Update – April 11th
Ford extends Ontario’s emergency COVID-19 measures to April 23rd.

Municipal Update – Marinas, Docks & Launches
In consultations with the Municipality please be informed of their updated notices, April 8, 2020.

1-Municipal Marinas:
The Municipal Marinas located in Picton and Wellington will remain closed until further notice.
2-Municipal Docks:
At this time as well, we are not allowing anyone to tie up to our docks as this will encourage gatherings as well and again, both Marinas are under order to remain closed. This includes the Municipal docks (D & E) located at the Yacht Club.
3-Municipal Boat Launches:
The Municipality will allow access to boat launches.
At this time we are going to post signage at each of the Boat Launches with some special instructions to follow. They are going to be monitored and the orders for distancing and gathering will be enforced and if we find they are getting out of hand, they will all be closed. Signs have been installed at the boat launch sites informing the public to:

  • Stay in their vehicles when waiting to launch

  • Avoid congregating

  • Maintain physical distancing of 2m/6ft at all times

County by-law enforcement will be monitoring the boat launches to ensure compliance with the provincial regulation prohibiting social gatherings of more than five people.


Launch 2020 Update

Your PEYC Board is continuing to monitor the rapid evolution of the COVID-19 virus nationally and locally, and it is now evident that the club launch date must be postponed. The Board is continuing to review this issue in light of government and health authority directives and will release further statements in this regard, as the Province adjusts and finally relaxes the current Declaration of Emergency.

PEYC had two dates reserved for possible launch this year, April 20th and May 4th.

I have advised Napanee Crane that we will not proceed with April 20th and that May 4th is tentative but expect that we will again need to reschedule our launch for a date when provincial and municipal restrictions have been eased.

PEYC Docks – Closed until further notice

The Municipality of PEC issued a directive on April 8th that closes all municipally owned docks and marina facilities until further notice. They verbally indicated they would review the policy on April 30th and then again at the end of May, with a June 1st opening being more likely than a sooner date. That includes our D & E Rafts that we manage for the municipality.

The PEYC board has decided we should follow their lead and also close our docks. We expect this situation will likely continue until the end of May. We will continue to watch for legislative easing and monitor developments at marinas and yacht clubs around the province, and provide updates regarding access as available.

Dock Payment – Balance

  • As you are aware the normal due date for the balance of your dock payment would be April 15th. The due date has been amended by the PEYC Directors to be the “Launch Date”.
  • Launch date” will be released at a point when we can confirm it will be safe & appropriate to proceed.
  • If the dock occupancy restrictions are removed prior to the club’s yard launch date, and you launch your boat earlier by trailer & ramp, your payment due date will be the date you occupy the dock.
  • The $250 deposit paid in February will be retained and continue to hold your reserved dock.
  • If you decide to cancel your dock contract for this year the $250 deposit will be forfeited, however we will keep your dock reserved for 2021 without extra fees.
  • Payments can be made by e-transfer payable to the PrinceEdward Yacht Club,

Boat Prepping
As you know, a statement from the board making the “boat yard” off limits was issued on March 27th and is in force until April 23rd in accordance with the Provincial emergency measures. The board will issue a follow up statement on or before the 23rd.

Junior Sail Camp
We are continuing to monitor the situation through updates from the Ontario Sailing Association / COAST. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Club House
The clubhouse remains closed with no access to washrooms or the chart room.

Membership considerations due to closure.

In consideration of the inconveniences caused by the COVID-19 pandemic measures that have affected the enjoyment of our club activities and reduced services to our membership the board is considering the following:
Membership fees are set at the AGM.
Motion: We propose to the membership a reduction in fees for the year of 2021 in proportion to the number of days or weeks that the Club is closed in 2020. Also, that the capital renovation fees of $50 for full and $25 for social members be omitted for 2021.

Gordon Fox, Commodore PEYC

COVID-19 #3
Updated Information – April 5, 2020

Access to Boat Yard and Launch
April 20th Launch Postponed

The government is ordering all businesses not covered by the updated Emergency Order to close effective as of Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. This closure will be in effect for 14 days, with the possibility of an extension as the situation evolves. The County will be enforcing this emergency order. County bylaw enforcement officers will be monitoring recreational facilities and enforcing limits of public gatherings to fewer than five people.

This measure is necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of the people of Ontario. Given these latest announcements we must change our plans given that fact that the Prince Edward Yacht Club is a non essential service and the fact that it is near impossible to carry out a safe boat preparation and launch. We have examined our operations and have concluded that we are not confident that we would be able to comply with the five person rule and 6 foot physical distancing requirements. This would certainly create an endangerment for those involved. The health and safety of our membership and their families must remain priority number one.

Therefore, the Prince Edward Yacht Club’s launch scheduled for April 20th will be postponed until a later date. The clubhouse and boatyard will remain closed. We will keep you posted as events are changing on a daily basis.

For those who want to check on their boats you do so at your own risk and it is your sole responsibility to comply with the five person rule and 2m physical distancing. Hydro and water services are not available. I have not received a response as to the closure of the municipal boat launches but the Picton Marina is closed until further notice ie: no pump-out or fuel.

For those who intend to launch their boats and access their docks, further arrangements will be required to deal with the possible high water situation ie: access to docks and compliance with the five person and 2m rule.

Again I want to remind you that all updates will be posted on the Club’s website . Click on COVID-19 RESPONSE FROM PEYC. I can update the website remotely and safely from home but will attempt to continue to send out eBlasts from the clubhouse.

Thanks to all Board members for their assistance. We are all doing our best to keep up to date on the latest notices from the Province, Health Officials and our Municipal office. Thanks to those who have contacted us with their suggestions and concerns.

Stay Safe !!!!!
Gordon Fox, Commodore


COVID_19 #2
Members Update April 1st

We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy during theses uncertain times. The situation is changing on a daily basis and we are doing our best to keep up with the latest guidelines and orders from our Provincial government, Local Health Unit and our Municipal government. We will endeavour to keep our membership updated through our website, email and our club’s e-Blasts. Please refer to the website COVID-19 for the most recent updates.

Club House
The club house has been closed until further notice with no access to to the chart room or washrooms. Emails and phone messages are being monitored. There are presently no staff in the clubhouse. We would ask that you utilize email if you have any inquiries and we will respond as quickly as possible.
We are requesting that payments be made through e-transfers if possible. We will accept cheques in the mail if e-transfer is not possible. For those who are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19 alternative arrangements for payments can be arranged.

Boat Yard 
Access to the boatyard is off limits until April 6th. Hopefully, the yard will be accessible after this date with restrictions to allow boaters to prepare their boats for our early launch date of April 20th. In the event of delays we have an alternative launch date of May 4th. Launch is also contingent on whether or not Napanee Crane becomes designated as a non essential service.
A revised set of guidelines has been established for both boatyard work and launch. The guide lines will be posted separately. As to date it is our intent to proceed with the April 20th launch date as scheduled. Refer to the website COVID-19 for the latest updates.

Junior Sailing Camp
We are anticipating the Junior Sailing Camp will proceed and we continue to accept camp registrations. The registration site “Checlick” is being monitored by our Junior Sail Camp Director, Robert Quaiff. However, if the situation changes and we are not able to operate our Junior Sailing Camp, then we would would issue full refunds for all who pre-registered.

Your patience and support is greatly appreciated during this time. Communication is important and we will try our best to stay connected in the days ahead. If you have any specific concerns, questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact information is available on the web site.

Note: Refer to PEYC website link  COVID-19 RESPONSE FROM PEYC for the most up to date information as I can update this information safely from home. As a backup I will send out an eBlast.

Gordon Fox
Commodore PEYC

COVID _19 #1
Beaver BLAST! March 27, 2020          
Important, Please Read!!!

As many are aware, a provincial Order was issued this week that all non-essential businesses to shut down in an effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  The Order came into effect on March 24 at 11:59 p.m.for a period of at least two weeks, until April 07 1159 p.m.  This Order extends to Prince Edward Yacht Club as a non-essential business.  Accordingly, the club will not re-open as hoped on April 2, 2020.
As added protection to our members and staff, and in accordance with the provincial Order, the club closure will extend to the vestibule, washrooms and boatyard.  These areas are closed until the Order is lifted. We acknowledge this is not ideal, but your continued support is appreciated as we all do our part to fight this pandemic.

We will keep you posted via email blasts as our situation changes at PEYC. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any one of our board members:

Commodore – Gordon Fox
Vice- Commodore – Moria Coull
Past Commodore – Kevin Simmons
Treasurer – Mike Bowland
Docks / Moorings – Dave Lanning
House Director – Bev Gorsline