Dockage & Storage

Dockage (Club docks only) and Boat Storage at the Club are reserved for Full or Life members only. The Club reserves the right to assign slips.
NOTE: Please forward all inquiries for Docking & Storage to the Dock Master
NOTE: Applications for Docking, Storage, Launch/Haul Out and Moorings are available under  DOWNLOAD FORMS

Note: Docking and Mooring Application can be submitted online.

Club Docks Seasonal – $37.96/ LOA
Municipal Docks Seasonal- $41.34 / LOA
Municipal Docks Seasonal(PEYC Full Members) – $37.96/ LOA
*Please note that fees include water and hydro charges and a minimum LOA of 22ft.

Reciprocal (all docks)- 1st Night $1.04/ LOA and 2nd night free
Reciprocal 3rd + nights – $1.77/ LOA  (all docks)
Non-Reciprocal- $1.92/ LOA  (all docks)
Reciprocal Weekly Fee – $8.58/LOA + $19.32 power charge
Power 15A service overnight – $5.52
Power 15A weekly service – $19.32
Moorings -$22.12 per night
Note: All fees subject to HST

Request for Seasonal Club Dock: $250.00
Request for Seasonal Town Dock: $250.00


Haul Out / Launch fees:

$145.00 (Members Only)
$170.00 (Social Membership)
$220.00 ( Non Member)

Crane Charges: (Mast)

Club Crane – No Charge, Full Membership)
Club Crane – $60.00 (Full Member fee for additional boats)
Club Crane -$60.00 (Social Membership)
Club Crane – $6/ft. (Non Members)
Mobile Crane – $130.00 (Full Membership)
Mobile Crane – $165.00 (Social Membership)

Yacht Storage

Full membership only – (LOA + Beam + extra) times $9.80 (includes mast storage
Request for Yacht Storage: $250.00

Mast Storage

$43.75 -(Full Membership (Yacht not in yard)
$54.60-( Social Membership)


Seasonal – $170.56
Club Sublet (Seasonal) – $353.60
Club Sublet (Monthly) – $176.80
Club Sublet (Weekly) – $114.40
Club Sublet (Overnight) – $22.12 (Reciprocal 2nd night free)

Dinghy Storage – $50.00

Note: All Fees subject to HST.

NOTE: Please forward all inquiries for Docking & Storage to the Dock Master

Launch & Haul out Dates

Launch: Monday, May 03, 2021 @0800h
Haul out: Monday, October 18, 2021 @ 0800h

Municipal (Picton Harbour) Marina – Hours of Operation
By Appointment Only – Contact, Rachel Hardon