PEYC Racing Rules

    Notice of Race
 Please refer to the racing calendar for the schedule of races.

It is the responsibility of the skipper/owner to ensure that the crew makeup is in accordance with any COVID regs and protocols at the time of the race and that all are aware of, understand, and follow PEYC’s Concussion Management Protocol, which is adopted from Ontario Sailing.

The Wednesday evening series is expected to have a race committee boat. The races will be raced using fixed marks and courses will be posted on the stern of the RC boat or Rabbit boat if used.

With rabbit starts start and finish times will be self-recorded and emailed to the scorer who will post the results on the windows at the front deck of the Club and on the website in the members’ area.

Courses, using the fixed racing marks and a letter designating the course, will be displayed on the stern of the RC /rabbit boat. The course letters will be provided in illustrations which will be distributed at registration and posted at the Club.

All races will be scored in two classes unless indicated otherwise in the Sailing Instructions : FS and NFS using PHRF ratings declared at registration. A valid PHRF-LO certificate is required to be scored. Please e-mail the scorer to have your PHRF-LO certificate renewed.

An awards presentation/dinner will be scheduled.

Martin Lentsch – Fleet Captain –
Mike Bowland – Race Scorer –

Revised: March 2023


1.1 Races to which these instructions apply will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 – 2024 (RRS) and the prescriptions of the Canadian Yachting Association

1.2 These sailing instructions apply to races or series of races to be sailed as defined on the Race Schedule where no special instructions are required. The host club will provide instructions for those races or series of races where special instructions are indicated on the Race Schedule.


2.1 Members of the PEYC are eligible for the lnterclub Races, their respective club races, and certain other races by invitation as per the Race Schedule. Others may become eligible by prior arrangement with the Fleet Captain.

2.2 All entrants must complete a registration form and submit it to the Race Committee or Fleet Captain prior to their first race of their season and submit a valid measurement or handicap certificate. UNREGISTERED BOATS AND BOATS WITHOUT A VALID CERTIFICATE SHALL NOT BE SCORED.

2.3 Each boat shall report sail number by hailing to the Committee Boat prior to the start sequence for the first race of the day. Failure to do so may result in not being scored.


3.1 In order to be scored all competitors racing in PHRF Fleets are required to have a valid or pending application for a PHRF-LO Certificate filed with the Club scorer before racing. BOATS WITHOUT A VALID OR PENDING PHRF-LO CERTIFICATE WILL NOT BE SCORED IN PHRF FLEETS.


4.1 Registration and Registration fees are indicated in the individual attached Schedules.

4.2 At each registration, a declaration of flying or no flying sails must be stated. 5. NOTICES TO COMPETITORS

5.1 Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located in the front foyer of Prince Edward Yacht Club


6.1 Any changes to the Sailing Instructions will be posted two hours before the first warning signal on the day they take effect, except that any change to the schedule of races will be posted by 2000 on the day before it will take effect.


7.1 Signals made ashore will be displayed at the club’s flagpole.

7.2 When flag AP is displayed ashore, ‘1 minute’ is replaced with ‘not less than 45 minutes’ in the race signal AP.

7.3 When flag Y is displayed ashore, rule 40 applies at all times while afloat. This changes the Part 4 preamble.


8.1 Racing is scheduled as per the Race Schedule – Attachment A.

 8.2 These sailing instructions apply to races and series as listed on the schedule defined on the Race Schedule (Attachment A) where no special instructions are listed. These sailing instructions are the “default” sailing instructions where no special instructions are required.


9.1 The Class flags for all series

Class Back stay Flag/Starting Numeral Pennant Flying Sails Yellow/One

White Sails Blue/Two

9.2 Class colour flags shall be prominently displayed from the back stay or, where the boat has no backstay, from the stern flagstaff for the duration of the race. The flag shall be at least 8′′ x 12′′


10.1 Starting Area for Spring, Summer, and Fall Wednesday Evening Series, Isis, Kraken, Mowat, Golden Race, Lin Hayes, Molly Hedges, Around Alone, and Loyalist will be in Picton Bay.

10.2 Starting Area for Waupoos Wabbit will be in the vicinity of McFarland Park Dock.

10.3 The starting area may be modified by the race-specific sailing instructions.


12.1 See individual races for course instructions.

12.2 For all races: after starting the starting/finish line shall only be crossed to finish a race. The line shall at all other times rank as an obstruction.


13.1 All races will be started using rule 26 with the warning signal given 5 minutes before the starting signal.


Time Signal Flag + Sound (Absence of Sound Signal Shall be Disregarded) 5 min. Warning Class Numeral Pennant(s) + One Sound

4 min. Preparatory “P” or “I” or “Z” or “Z” and “I” or “Black Flag” + One Sound 1 min. One Minute Preparatory Flag Removed + One Long Sound

0 min. Start Class Numeral Pennant(s) Removed + One Sound

13.2 The starting line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the signal boat and the port-end starting mark.

 13.3 All fleets will start at the same start except for Wednesday Night Series which will be indicated by numeral pennants


14.2 Boats that have finished shall keep clear of any boat still racing.

14.3 Until after the start signal for the FS fleet on the Wednesday series boats in the NFS fleet shall stay clear of the start area for the FS fleet.


17.1 Protest forms are available at PEYC bar or from the Race Committee. Protest and requests for redress or reopening shall be delivered to the Race Committee within the appropriate time frame.

17.2 For each class, the protest time limit is 60 minutes after the last boat has finished the last race of the day.

17.3 Notices will be posted no later than 30 minutes after the protest time limit to inform competitors of hearings in which they are parties or named as witnesses. Hearings will be held at PEYC at a mutually agreeable time and place, before the next race if at all possible.


18.1 The scoring system shall be in accordance with Appendix A (RRS) Low Point system.

18.2 1 (one) race is required to be completed to constitute a series.

18.3 (a) When fewer than four (4) races have been completed, a boat’s score will be the total of her race scores.

(b) When from four (4) to six (6) races have been completed, a boat’s score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.


19.1 The safety of a boat and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner, or owner’s representative who must do their best to ensure that the boat is fully found, seaworthy and manned by an experienced crew who are physically fit to face all weather conditions. They must be satisfied as to the soundness of the hull, spars, rigging, sails and all gear. They must review the applicable rules, applicable Offshore Racing Council Rules, laws, and other regulations to be certain of compliance, as rules and regulations are often revised.

19.2 All skippers and crew must read a provided Government of Ontario – Ministry Approved Concussion Awareness Resource and sign an Ontario Sailing Concussion Code of Conduct for Athletes and Participants form stating that they have fully reviewed the material and are committed to the Code of Conduct.

 19.3 PEYC, as a member of Ontario Sailing, supports equal opportunity, prohibits discriminatory practices, and is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals can safely participate in sports and are treated with respect and fairness. All skippers and crew must agree to abide by the Safe Sport Code of Conduct.

19.4 Skippers must ensure that all safety equipment is properly maintained and stowed, and that the crew knows where it is kept and how it is to be used.

19.5 All boats must be in compliance with the regulations outlined in the Safe Boating Guide published by Fisheries and Oceans Canada / Coast Guard.

19.6 A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race committee as soon as possible.


20.1 A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the class rules and sailing instructions.


21.1 Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile phones.



There will be one trophy awarded to the boat with the lowest accumulated score from 10 of the following: Waupoos, Lin Hayes. Spring, Summer, and Fall Wednesday Evening Series, Mowat, Around Alone, Isis, Kraken, Golden, Katie Gray, and Loyalist. The Katie Gray positions will be based on the adjusted times of solely PEYC boats competing in the race and will be classed in one division. First overall place in each of the Spring, Summer, and Fall Wednesday Evening Series respectively will be awarded 0 points and each overall place score for boats competing in the Wednesday Evening Series will be reduced by 1 point. All other places in all other races will be as shown on the final results sheet for the race or series.

22.2 Prizes will be given for the first three positions for each division scored in a race or series.


23.1 Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS Rule 3, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.


 Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability including racing coverage.

To obtain a copy of the RACING RULES OF SAILING (RRS) go to: g/

30 Fairfield St. Picton, ON K0K2T0
613.476.5585 VHFCh.68