The Prince Edward Yacht Club
Like most others, the Prince Edward Yacht Club has two activity centers – one on the water, the other on the land.

On the water, the P.E.Y.C., small as it is, offers formidable competition in events like the Eastern Yachting Circuit as well as our own Club racing. We can boast of more than a hundred years of sailing activity around these parts. Coming off the water, our Club aims to look after you and yours in a clubhouse that is being improved and upgraded. The first record we have of sailing activity out of Picton is from the 1880’s, but no on-the-water clubhouse of any note existed then for years to come. Our clubhouse of today dates only from the mid 1930’s. At that time, a derelict building stood on the water front, the deteriorating remains of the electric lighting plant built for this town about 1890.

PEYC – 1952

An enlightened Town Council in 1937 rejuvenated the shambles of a building and turned it over to the Yacht Club for a modest annual rental. Photographs hanging in our lounge show he progress of improvement over the years since then. Especially interesting was the year that we removed paneling that covers some of the windows of the original building, opening them up to brighten our Dinning Room. We hope that you like them as much as we do – compare them with their appearance in photographs of fifty years and more ago. In 1999 the much awaited renovations were completed on the Bilge. The new “Chart Room” gives us a room with a beautiful view of the harbour. A new bar was constructed in 2005 to provide improved services for our members and guests.

Welcome Herons, Henry & Hettie

Many visitors come to stay on their docks every summer. PEYC periodically hosts important regattas for Lake Ontario sailors. All who come to the Club by water are welcomed by the Harbour Herons, Henry and Hettie, standing proudly at the harbour entrance on Chimney Point. These are two “sculptures” of steel plate, standing about 8 ft. high; live herons also frequent the harbour. The Club Manager will welcome you heartily, as will the Commodore.