Mooring Rental Application

Please complete and submit the Mooring Rental Application online form.

Mooring Rental Application

This is an application to rent a Mooring owned or managed by the Prince Edward Yacht Club (PEYC).  The annual Mooring Permit is paid by the owner and is included in the Rental Fee below.

Power or Sail? *
LOA: Total length includes bowsprit and any other items protruding from the bow or stern of the vessel

Dinghy Storage Required?

Insurance Information

NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF $1,000,000 LIABILITY INSURANCE on your boat. You must submit a copy of your Insurance Declaration Page with this Application if we do not have one on file.


If you require dinghy storage in addition to your Mooring Permit, click Dinghy Storage fee. A 13% tax is automatically added to your total. Available to PEYC club members only (Full or Social). Temporary memberships are no longer available.
Please contact PEYC and make payment by EMT, credit card, or cheque.
Storage Requirement:


By applying to rent the mooring, owned by PEYC, I confirm that I have read and will abide by the Dock & Mooring Policies including the new policies related to Pollution Prevention.

With your permission, PEYC will accede to a request from the local PEC MOE and Picton Fire Department for a list of the mooring permit holders' mooring numbers, owner and boat names and contact phone numbers, to help them begin an immediate response should they arrive on the scene to address a marine spill in progress. PEYC encourages this, as a fast response to any spill would help mitigate any possible fines and charges to the boat owner and protect the harbour water. quality. Please check the box signifying your agreement to release your information.

** Maintaining the integrity of the mooring is your responsibility. Your signature is required for insurance purposes and to absolve the Prince Edward Yacht Club of mooring-related damages.